Monday, September 15, 2008

A little Sassy

This pretty dangle is a gun metal chain contrasted with the soft pearls and Swarovski crystals. You can tie it in a knot, you can tie it in a bow! (Just kidding) It is one LONG strand that you can wear in several ways. This is my last one, and it is going, going, GONE! :)
Originally $30.00
NOW $15.00

Going Green


I don't know if you have noticed, but GREEN IS IN! Here is a cutesy, girly necklace and bracelet to top it all off. What is better? The PRICE! Hand Blown Italian Glass.

The necklace was $12... NOW $6.00

The bracelet was $12....
Now it is $6.00 TOO!

I only have one necklace left, and 3 bracelets! I can string the bracelets together to make ONE Necklace! You can personalize it!

Something a little Edgy

Want something a little edgy? This is the necklace for you! Is is LAVA.. That is right, I said LAVA!!! It is on a sterling silver chain and is a large disk shape. Originally $20.00

Now, $10.00!
Earrings were $10.00
Now $5.00

Bracelet not available. Don't wait. There are only 4 necklaces left.

Fall Call


This piece is extremely unique. A piece of Jasper with Rings like Saturn! This is a beautiful fall color and is on a gold filled chain. The earrings come with it! Originally $31.00
NOW $15.00

Only one left. Hurry.

Black is BACK!

Here is one of my best all time sellers! It is a simple sterling silver necklace with two black cubed swarovski cystals and a silver spacer in-between. It originally sold for $25.00. I am selling it for $12.00! (Bracelet is NOT available) Earrings were $15.00. NOW $7.00


Order quickly. I only have 4 left. It would be a great gift for a friend!

How To Pay

The easiest way to pay is Pay Pal of course. Just click on the link, sign in, and send a payment for the items that you want to Lindzstew at hotmail dot com. An e-mail will be sent to me with your payment information, your e-mail address as well as your home address. I can then let you know I got your payment, and have your address, and it will be on the way. Oh, and it will be coming via snail mail unless you want to add $5.00 for priority shipping. It is up to you. I can also send it to a friend or a loved one as a gift. You just let me know! EASY.

If you would rather pay a different way, just e-mail me. I am sure we can work something out.

Where to start?

I started making jewelry in 2004 when Peter's cousin started a jewelry making party company. I loved making jewelry, and loved the designs. I worked the "party" scene for three years and then had my baby Wade. For those of you who have done the "party" scene, it is difficult (once you have stopped) to get going again, and I just didn't have the same level of commitment as I once did with a new baby at home.

The party company eventually dissolved but was still selling jewelry. I checked on their site from time to time but felt like their style and designs had gone down hill. I still never got back into it..... until the other day.... I was getting some info from another blogger who was a beader! I asked her where to go for supplies and decided to drop in to one of the stores to check it out.

They didn't allow kids in the store, but I saw enough to get excited! They had row upon row of beautiful stones. Much like the quality of my old supplier (which was great) But these were unique and different and AMAZING STONES! I pulled out my old supply and started to go through inventory. I am ready to sell off the old (at an amazing liquidation discount) and bring in the NEW!

I will happily make special orders if you know what you want, and how you want it to look. I will also start displaying my new designs. These are the stones that just TICKLE ME. I get excited just thinking about them! I hope you enjoy! Check for pictures in the next day or two!